Kakato 卡格 – Venison & Ocean Fish 鹿肉、海魚配方 [無殼物][全貓]

Kakato 卡格 – Venison & Ocean Fish 鹿肉、海魚配方 [無殼物][全貓]

Kakato 卡格 – Venison & Ocean Fish 鹿肉、海魚配方 [無殼物][全貓]

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Kakato 卡格 – Venison & Ocean Fish 鹿肉、海魚配方 [無殼物][全貓]
  • 是DHA和EPA等必需脂肪酸的優質來源,有益於神經,大腦,視網膜和胎兒的發育,以及皮膚和皮毛的狀況
  • 一系列必需的膳食維生素和礦物質
  • 高品質的蛋白質和氨基酸,用於肌肉組織的維護和身體機能
  • 對於對更常用的蛋白質已知過敏反應的寵物,鹿肉提供了良好的替代品
  • 綠茶 – 有強大的抗氧化功效,幫助減低罹患心臟疾病的風險、降低膽固醇、預防癌症的出現
  • 海帶 – 含有豐富的碘、鐵和抗氧化物質,俱消炎功效及癌病功效
  • 小紅莓 – 能增強免疫系統及幫助保持泌尿系統健康
  • 亞麻籽 – 含有纖維和蛋白質,有助預防消化道疾病及提高整體健康
  • 奇異果 – 含有纖維、鉀和大量維生素C,可增強免疫系統 提高寵物呼吸系統功能和心血管健康


  • Excellent source of essential fatty acids such as DHA and EPA which benefits neural, brain, retinal and fetal development as well as skin and coat condition
  • A range of essential dietary vitamins and minerals.
  • High-quality protein and amino acid for muscle tissues maintenance and bodily function.
  • Venison meat provides a good alternative for pets with known allergic reaction to more commonly used protein.
  • Green Tea – a powerful antioxidant that helps lower the risk of developing heart disease, lower cholesterol,prevent and slow down the growth of cancer cells and is rich in antioxidants
  • Kelp – contains abundant natural sources of iodine,which helps maintain adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands function properly. Kelp can also help maintain a shiny and healthy skin and coat in pets
  • Cranberries – strengthen the immune system and improve the health the condition of the urinary system
  • Flaxseed – contains fibre and protein aid in preventing digestive illnesses and enhance overall health
  • Kiwi – contains fibre, potassium and high in vitamin C, which 8
  • helps boost the immune system. Kiwi also promote pet good respiratory health and enhance cardiovascular health


成份 Ingredients

Venison, marine fish, peas, potatoes, chicken fat, cassava, flax seeds, kelp, carrots, cranberries, spinach flour, kiwi, apples, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, choline chloride, sulfuric acid Zinc, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Cobalt Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Beef Liver Hydrolysate, Vitamins, Rosemary Extract, Tea Polyphenols


成份分析 Analysis
粗蛋白 Crude Protein Min 31%
粗脂肪 Crude Fat Min 13%
粗纖維 Crude Fibre Max 4%
水份 Moisture Max 10%
Calcium 鈣 Min 1%
Phosphorus 磷 Min 0.8%


餵食方法 Feeding Guide
<1-3 kg  30-65g
3-5 kg 65-95g
5-7 kg 95-120g
1-10 kg  120-155g
10 kg 155g


Made in NewZealand


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